Ibsen vs Intercultural performance

From a cultural meeting point, at the XIII International Ibsen Conference at UiT
3 artists from different parts of the world in a panel discussion on Intercultural performance. A theme being discussed in a conversation with chair Krishna Sen (India), following 3 different paper presentations by the directors Mitsuya Mori (Japan), Liu Minghou (China), Monica Herstad (Norway)
Audience Minghou, Monica, Mori Seminar XIII Ibsen 2012
Distinguished international Ibsen researchers and students attending the presentations and panel discussion.
Krishna Sen High North Panel discussion XIII International Ibsen Conference Intercultural Performance 2012 Mori, Minghou, Monica, Krishna 
Chair, Krishna Sen
Intercultural Minghou, Monica, Mori, Krishna, XIII International Ibsen Conference 2012
Panel discussion members between the 3 different artists, hence the directors Mitsuya Mori (Japan), Liu Minghou (China), Monica Herstad (Norway), in conversation with chair Krishna Sen (India)
Mitsuya Mori: http://muse.jhu.edu/login?auth=0&type=summary&url=/journals/substance/v031/31.2mori.html
Liu Minghou, Shanghai Theatre Academy: http://www.criticalstages.org/criticalstages4/tag/Liu%20Minghou
Monica Herstad: herStay.net
Chair Krishna Sen: http://www.ellak.or.kr/data/50th/cv-Sen.htm


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