herStay Ibsen research at Fudan University Theater in Shanghai

Host: Fudan University Nordic Centre in collaboration with University of Oslo,  and XII International Ibsen Conference 2009


herStay performance Past is simulation – The ladies of the sea vs Nora, and other stories of the society performed in Shanghai




Monica Emilie Herstad, right, herStay performance presentation in Shanghai

herStay in Shanghai, Monica Emilie Herstad right


Monica Emilie Herstad´s performance:

Past is simulation – the ladies of the sea vs Nora, and other stories of the society.

All rights reserved herStay, http://www.herStay.net.

On Monica Emilie Herstad´s project PAST IS SIMULATION: The ladies of the sea vs Nora, and other stories of the society, a project belonging to her Guest Research stay at Centre for Ibsen Studies 2005 – 2008.

Monica Emilie Herstad contributes with her project to increase the understanding of layers of melancholy in the reading of Ibsen performance, relevant in today´s society. She emphasizes the energy of anticipation, as a comprehensive device for directing and choreography of a performance. An approach to her work, is to reflect on Elfriede Jelinek´s anarchistic way of relating to Ibsen´s female characters, in her text Was geschah nachdem Nora ihren Mann verlassen hatte oder Stützen der Gesellschaften, in comparition to, and discussing the physical patterns of actions, that Susan Sontag were accomodating, originally rewriting The lady of the sea for visual performance. Her performance is a project of going further in the field of performance, beyond drama, literature, dance and visual arts.

Choreography, mise en scene, casting and styling: Monica Emilie Herstad.
Music and airplane: Hicham Bouddén.
Lights: Minna Heikkilä.
herStay performers: Monica Emilie Herstad (this film). Andrea Csaszni Rygh, Beata Kretovicova, Maria Ryther Hoem, herStay.

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