Oslo Early Music Festival 2013

herStay at Oslo Early Music Days

«It gives an immediate beautiful experience, which also stimulates the mind. The performance is intuitively gorgeous.»
– An expert comment to Monica Emilie Herstad´s solo performance Sketches for Spring, as quoted in Norgesnytt, September 2012
Further audience joy were expressed by festival curators and colleagues during this performance, with an extended ensemble August 2013, at Oslo Early Music Festival.
herStay Hildegard 2
herStay Hildegaard media
herStay Hildegaard 8
herStay Hildegaard 7
herStay Hildegaard 4
herstay Hildegaard 3
herStay audience August 2013
herStay Hildegaard 1
Sketches for Spring
Saxegaarden, v/ Clemens Kirke
Oslo Tidligmusikk Dager 2013
herStay Sunday August 4th 2013, Sketches for Spring performance, is presented by the festival Oslo Tidlig Musikk Dager/ Oslo Early Music Days, in the garden/ site of Saxegaarden, at noon, 12.00 hrs, Sunday August 4th, programmed with Italian Micrologus and other great international artists.
Monica Emilie Herstad´s oevre Sketches for Spring, in dialogue with improvisation over Hildegaard von Bingen´s content, played by Elizabeth Gaver and voice, Cathrine Bothner-By.
Electronic sound composition: Hicham Bouddén.
herStay independent performers includes 6 in this work.
Further program Sunday 4th is including the legend Patrizia Bovi (Babel/ East-man) and her ensemble Micrologus, etc.
(The performance festival received major support from Norsk Kulturråd and a variety of funding, still herStay were after a successful performance being paid less then the invitation intended, and thus still NOK 5000 remains to be paid to hence 4 dancers, by the festival in 2013.)
herStay program Sketches for Spring August 4 2013
Monica Emilie Herstad
herStay photography by Stein Reusch Weber
Øvrige foto: Monica Emilie Herstad, herStay

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