Forskning tilsier at musikksmak kan påvirke valget

Studie påviser kulturelle forskjeller før valg

«We divide by generation. Two-thirds of voters under 35 want to stay in. Sixty per cent of those over 55 want to leave. We divide by class. People in the professions want to stay by 62 per cent to 38, while 63 per cent of unskilled workers want to leave. We divide by education. University graduates prefer staying to going by 70-30. We divide by attitude. The In voters cite inequality as a major concern; Out voters talk about immigration.

We even split musically. YouGov found that Remain voters are more likely to prefer Blur over Oasis than their Eurosceptic counterparts.

Somewhere in the corridors of a red-brick university a researcher is conducting fieldwork to show that Strictly fans are for In and switchers to X Factor are for out.»

  • Philip Collins, The London Times



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