Corporate thinking uegnet til å erstatte kunsten og akademia

Vakker forskning og luftig diskurs

– en nødvendighet for fremgang

«It is of course desirable, and in the public interest, that universities produce innovation and jobs as well as beautiful science and lofty discourse.

But corporate research managers must understand that the art of science starts with a tinge of intuition that is not easily commensurable with the textbook logic of managers and business administrators.

Universities cannot exist without a degree of organization and prudent allocation of finite material resources.

But science depends on generous creative freedom and a sound measure of intellectual rebelliousness.


An obsession with accountability through metrics and excessive evaluation is already driving many scientists to distraction, not only in Scandinavia.

But if corporate culture also means that scientists are fastidiously scrutinized in their every move, it is a threat to the profession and very pursuit of science.»

  • Utdrag fra Nature



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