Dagens sommerarkiv: Min Tanaka v Felix Guattari


Se Min Tanakas forestilling fra Paris i 1986


(Homage 1984
by Félix Guattari

«Min Tanaka
Black Dolphin
Under the Japanese miracle leg
I’ve been planning a single border.
His Zen Flame.
The identity of an industrial identity.
The story of the story of the story.
Body without organs.
We have to pull that dance out of the universe.
Light speed on the speed of light
Crawl the animals.
At the intersection of every scene.
The illustration for the strength.
On the last line from birth
A gesture of desire of desire.
Rhythm of the rhythm of the rhythm and the haiku of the haiku

I dance not in the place I dance the place
(I dance where I’m not dancing at the place)
Min Tanaka

Body Meteorology
The King of the world.»)






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