Chic lit post-corona norm

A list, to be continued, for books and literature, film, music, fashion, art, sources of inspiration, in a post covid 19 perspective: Music suggestions: Panis Angelicus, from the hymn Sacris Solemniis by Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225 - 1274) in the 13th century, set to music by composer Cecar Franck in 1860 Jessye Norman, Dido`s lament,... Fortsett lesing →

Find your mask

Covered art DIY masks, artful masks as a signifier, make your own, or buy an artful one. In the time of pan epidemics, find yourself in the mirror, with a new mask, either create one of your own, one for each day, or change it as often as neccesary, even if that comes to every... Fortsett lesing →


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