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Dance and arts in motion, are you up for it? Follow this season’s M Artial Dance Workshop on Zoom, December 21st – 23d, and 27th – 31st. In January / February, both 21st- 28th, then from March to September: 15th – 17th every month, with the future presence in mind, established, originated and digitized from Bærum, Norway.

This slow art follow-up workshop series, is a round through on how to daily maintain a healthy living perspective, with ecological vegetables from your nearby (co-)garden, in order to enable balance, in the midst of a pandemic crisis. A vegetarian diet seen in a repetitive, meditative mode including a set of refreshingly different variations. Preparatorily food philosophy being set for practice.

Beginning with 90 minutes everyday contemplative M Artial Dance sessions, contemporary floorbarre, and dance, advanced level, open for newcomers from different fields. From 10 hrs, Greenwich time, to 11.30. Lunch preparing diet suggestions, and then dialogue, from 12 – 14 hrs, everyday.

Welcome, for questions do not hesitate to contact hermaid@hotmail.com / text message (47) 415 215 01

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