herStay Research 2021 – 2025

Distant Availability

herStay Research main activities 2021 – 2025, is about documentary and archiving, recent historical material, from the nineties and the beginning of this siecle.

Monica Herstad dance and performance material, letters of reference, curriculum, invitation letters, programs, pictures, media features, etc.

herStay archives and its memorabilia is obliged to be maintained through official archive mechanisms, with provenience in Europe, since receiving governmental funding.

Video archive and photo gallery is being exhibited online (for members, with password, membership is NOK 500 a year).

The material consists of her: The French influence, the Asian influence, the American influence, the Ibsen periode, all along the Nature periode, and then her solos vs her ensemble performance works.

Her near countless apperances in fashion and film, media, literature, the arts (paintings or art photographs of her by others), on concerts, timeless art appearances, also through co-works, and co-productions (Zeitgenössische Gesamtkunstwerk), are being focused upon.

In this humble little archive, storage, available to an audience online only.

Please contact info@herStay.net, for a membership questionnaire.

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