Enchanting Liv Ullmann in endearing interplay

Enchanting Liv Ullmann in endearing interplay

An endearing beginning of the Bergen Festival 2021, with an enchanting still vulnerable performance situation, by one of the foremost Norwegian experimental contemporaries. The evening program started out May 26th and 27th, with The American Moth, carried beautifully out by protagonist Liv Ullmann and her supporting team, including actors and dancers. Amongst the performers, Olivia Ancona, and Tom Remlov´s presence is remarkable as well, so is the integration of the chamber – rather film-music´ish oriented sequences by the composer Alexandre Desplat, interpreted by Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. Further, as the radically emotive endearing performance goes by, several interplays by a different set of amazing performers unfolds, and it is with pleasure it is possible to be served such an advanced and demanding set of conflicts put to life as here, just like this, right in the very front of us. It is tempting to pose the question as if the pandemic situation quite possibly can have had added the necessary time and space, for over time working deeply with vulnerable thematics like the result shows. Thus having added some defined nuances to choreographer Alan Lucien Øyen´s now quite impressive work portfolio per se. Notably also with an almost completely renewed set of performers than earlier, this time. This said, the performer Yvonne Øyen is still there adding a valuable core atmosphere to the set, her dialogue with Ullman is of excellent quality; quiet, insisting, remaining reasonable, thus persisting.

The opening ceremony concert of the Bergen Festival as streamed live the other day, hosted by the impressive trumpetist Tine Thing Helseth, who is also exquisitely performing, was just a thrill. With music by amongst other Charles Ives, etc. First violinist Mari Samuelsen, BFO, would be one of the other outstanding artists remarkably presenting at the opening ceremony.

To be the artists opening the annual programs, like here both the formal opening ceremony in itself, and hence the first evening soiree performance such as The American Moth, is such an honor, and sets the tone of the festival, it tells the audiences on what level, and with which profile this year´s festival can be expected to have.

To enter the actual audience hall during the pandemic crisis, when everyone else is rather virtually exposed, is such an exclusive and different experience in itself, with vast audience areas, and approximately «25 meters» among a few sets of friends and colleagues here and there. An isolated feeling that leaves you on your own to interpret the arts, no near by audience members to add any immediate physical counter approaches of any kind that may else-time – and -where, would occur.

Live exposition, clear and bright, is the mantra during international festival events like this, flawlessly performed.

To be continued.




Updated May 29th 2021

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