Film, Art and Design to be seen in a post corona paradigme

Trending New Authenticity within the Arts

In a research for design emerging from something that could be classified a post coronial discourse, there are quite a few units and designers to mention, also film makers of course.

Like the Cannes award-winning The worst person in the world, with the Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Trier recently.


Fresh from NY, is Batsheva dresses, just so nice, like super wonderful

Batsheva dresses from NY

New Norwegian Design

Also worth to be mentioned is clothing designer Becker, she is so charming with her little messages written on her socks and t-shirts, with such a wit and humour. Very like pandemic creativity, sort of. When you just sits isolated in your little cohort kind of too long, then someone comes up with these socks and t-shirts, its so humoresque, well if you share that kind of humour of course, but lets be generous, its kind of fun, it must be admitted. And this someone is no-one else than this up and coming designer girl, Becker, voila.

The article is to be continued, listing up several new trends of this post coronial atmosphere of the far north environment


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